We make chat
come to life
& monitize it

Use our intelligent platform
to give your app's UX & revenue a boost

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Boost your users
chat experience

Aniways analyzes chat text as the user types it, helping him discover and add contextually relevant & engaging content to the conversation.

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The highly targeted content promotes products and rich information in an automated, seamless manner.

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Developer Control

Maintain complete control over which features to activate. Promote Aniways content, your own content, or both.

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Integrating our SDK takes less than an hour, maintaining your app's look n’ feel.

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Our Product

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Contextual engine - The right content at the right time

Aniways offers a refreshing new way to perk up your users' chat experience. As users type, our technology analyzes keywords and phrases, then auto-suggests to replace them with vivid, highly expressive content, in a single click.

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In app purchase shop - Your content or ours

Aniways offers its own plug & play billing and virtual currency functionality – making it easy for apps to add a store of lucrative stickers & animations. If you have already a store, Aniways can easily integrates with your own store and help you increase the revenues by increasing the impressions of your store content.

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Interactive chat experience

Aniways offers a lively collection of interactive content that brings the chat conversation to life. By tapping our content icons , users are exposed to a layer of information that's both relevant to their conversation topic, as well as their location.

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Native monitization platform - Monetization, Dashboard & Real-Time Analytics

Aniways Monetization Platform contains all the services your app needs to automate the generation of new revenues right from inside your chat. Use Aniways command and control Dashboard & Analytics to gain full control over your content "conversion" and monetisation.

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