Aniways offers

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Contextual Experience

as the user types, we analyze the text and suggest relevant emoticons to swap key phrases. in additio we also supply a smarter on demand button which offers emoticons relevant to the content of the message.

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Data driven personalization

data analysis that reviews the user’s history and in turn offers relevant emoticons specific to the given user, optimizing the experience- different users will receive different emoticons for the same phrases.

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the contextual experience significantly increases the usage of emoticons, which the user can purchase in our in-app store. The store is fully configurable and offers a rev-share model to the app's developers.

Aniways is

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continueslly updated emoticons are streamed to the app without the need to update it.

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Fully customizable SDK

allow you to maintain the look and feel of your application

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Hassle Free

easy and fast integration built on a solid infrastructure

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with support for the Android, iOS and Web platforms

From The Press

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    The Next Web
    Aniways’ intelligent emoji system helps you pick stickers and emoticons as you type
    by Jon Russel

    Stickers and emoticons are becoming a mainstream part of online communication – having been adopted by the likes of Facebook, Viber, Path and others — yet the actual process of picking out the right icon is not straightforward. Emoticons and stickers are typically stored separately to the virtual keyboard and often within an assortment of different ‘packs’— but one startup thinks there is a better way.

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    Emoticons are upgraded: Aniways raises $1M
    by Avishay Bassa

    Israeli startup Aniways, developer of next generation emoticons, announced the completion of a $1M funding round led by Horizon Ventures along with Kima Ventures and a number of contributing angels. Alongside the announcement of the funding, the company announced the launch of its SDK, which will allow all developers to implement their emoticon technology for their chat applications.